17 Feb
Chronicity Ecosystem Innovation Longevity

Together with ANCES, we seek innovative solutions to chronic diseases

At Cinfa, and through our Open Innovation Platform, CinfaNext, we are joining the Open Innovation initiative of the Spanish National Association of European Business and Innovation Centres (ANCES), with a challenge aimed at improving the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases.

Our challenge with ANCES, up close

In Spain, as in the rest of Europe, chronic diseases represent a major health challenge, due to the increase in longevity and the consequent demographic ageing of the population, and the greater efficacy of medical and pharmacological treatments. Specifically, according to the European Health Survey, in Spain, more than 22 million people suffer from one of these ailments, especially those aged 65 and over. A reality that demands new approaches and solutions, and serves as a starting line for our challenge together with ANCES.

The aim here is to discover new projects, proposed by entrepreneurs or startups, that increase knowledge, management and adherence to treatments for chronic diseases in order to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from them.

The dissemination of the challenge and the dynamisation of the corresponding solution projects will take place in the months of February and March, to later select the three finalist companies and, in the final event of the “Open Innovation” event, to be held in May, to choose the winning start-up.  

If you are an entrepreneur or you are part of a startup and you think your project could fit in with this CinfaNext and ANCES challenge, register with the 2023 edition of ANCES Open Innovation.

About ANCES and its Open Innovation

ANCES (National Association of European Business and Innovation Centres) is an association of reference in entrepreneurship and innovation in Spain. Its 32 members, the CEEIs, have been promoted by virtue of the commitment of local public and/or private agents and are a key resource in the strategy to promote innovation in their respective territories.

ANCES is also part of the European Business and Innovation Centre Network – EBN, made up of more than 150 certified BICs and 100 organisations that support innovative entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs.

The opportunity that a BIC represents for the environment in which it is located is indisputable due to the direct impact it has on employment and the generation of companies.

The ANCES Open Innovation is an initiative that seeks to put tractor companies in contact with startups, in order to make concrete progress in technological challenges. It has a total of 5 editions, 52 driving companies and 456 solutions to all the challenges that have been proposed in previous years.