19 Dec
Cinfa y Fundación Ship2B
Health Innovation Sustainability

Cinfa and Ship2B Foundation sign a strategic agreement to boost innovation in health care

Cinfa, through its open innovation platform CinfaNext, and the Ship2B Foundation, an organisation dedicated to boosting the economy and impact investment, have established a new partnership in the healthcare sector to promote open innovation.

Through this agreement, Cinfa joins Ship2B’s acceleration and investment programme for start-ups focused on integral health and quality of life, S2B Health&Care. The aim of this partnership is to identify and develop innovative projects that respond to current and future health issues and challenges. It is a project for innovative, technology-based start-ups that develop solutions to improve the health and quality of life of elderly, chronically ill or disabled people. This initiative is part of the foundation’s mission to promote the Impact Economy and an economic model where the main goal of start-ups, companies, investors and organisations is not only to maximise their economic profitability, but also their social and environmental impact. 

Details of the agreement between Cinfa and Ship2B Foundation

Within the framework of this partnership, in addition to trying to respond to different health needs, Cinfa will help propel relevant start-ups that address CinfaNext’s six main areas of innovation:  longevity, persistence, personalisation, self-lead health management, natural solutions with scientific evidence and sustainability.

Cinfa’s objective is to discover innovative projects that are aligned with its strategy in order to share synergies and help them access complex markets like the pharmaceutical sector, thanks to its extensive knowledge and experience in this field. In this way, it seeks to drive these initiatives to make new health solutions available to society and the Spanish healthcare system. 

Find out more about Ship2B Foundation

The Ship2B Foundation works with the aim of promoting the Impact Economy, a new economic model where the main goal of companies, investors and organisations is no longer only to maximise their economic profitability, but also their social or environmental impact. To this end, the Foundation accelerates and invests in high-impact start-ups, promotes Corporate Impact Venturing as an innovation strategy for large companies and encourages impact investment. 

The Ship2B Foundation has recently been named the best impact accelerator and the second best accelerator of any speciality in Spain by the Funcas Foundation.