16 Nov
Ecosystem Health Innovation

We sponsored the Sant Pau Research Institute’s Innovation Day

On Wednesday 8 November, we sponsored the Sant Pau Research Institute’s Innovation Day (INNOPAU). The conference, which sought to promote innovation and knowledge transfer to promote projects with an impact and contribute to society, brought together the different agents of the health R&D ecosystem with the Sant Pau Campus professionals.

The event took place in the Francesc Cambó Hall of the Sant Pau Art Modernist Site, and was attended by representatives from the public and private sectors, including investors, pharmaceutical companies, medtechs, biotechs, consulting firms and universities.

This conference gave us the opportunity to meet Sant Pau Campus professionals willing to collaborate and provide their knowledge and experience in health areas, as well as to promote public-private collaboration, generate consortiums and establish contacts with the health ecosystem.

During the event, we were also able to enjoy the “Translational research and how to enter projects into the Health System” round table, which highlighted different viewpoints on the obstacles faced by research groups in bringing innovative ideas to market. In addition, attention was called to different tools focused on streamlining clinical application and digital transformation, in order to accelerate innovation processes and reduce risks and failures, as well as to address the necessary multidisciplinary training of scientific teams in the market, business strategy and new technologies.

The session ended with a presentation of the INNOPAU projects. Out of the multitude of applications submitted, only 8 research groups entered the programme. These groups have spent six months defining a work plan to ensure the success of their ideas, which can then be brought to society. Of all of them, Pep Tau was the winning startup, with its project focused on the study of tauopathies, a class of neurodegenerative diseases associated with the pathological aggregation of Tau proteins in the human brain.