27 Oct
foto del evento B-Venture
Ecosystem Innovation

Health and innovation, hand in hand at B-Venture

On 17 and 18 October, Cinfa participated in the eighth edition of B-Venture, the largest entrepreneurship event in northern Spain. A total of 170 startups and a hundred investors met during these two days of meetings at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao.

Julio Sánchez, Head of Innovation at Cinfa, was in charge of moderating one of the round tables that took place during the first day. Under the title ‘Health and innovation, an investment for the future’, the debate was also attended by Tania Menéndez, Digital Transformation Office of the Ribera Salud group; Lorea Mendoza Arteche, head of the Innosasun programme at the Basque Foundation for Health Innovation and Research-BIOEF; Santiago Mendirichaga, project manager of the Mondragón Promotion Centre; and Nicolás Guerra, director of clinics at IMQ.

Technology as a way to improve the healthcare system and provide better patient care

During our participation, we shared and discussed the importance of innovation and research, as well as the disruptive elements that drive and bring patients closer to the new medicine, providing them with new self-diagnostic solutions or covering the need to monitor their pathologies from their own homes, in order to offer better quality care.

At the event, there was also time to highlight the role of Artificial Intelligence as well as new emerging technologies, and how these are key to adjusting diagnoses and offering more efficient and agile care to patients.

One of the conclusions reached at this meeting was the relevance of the inclusion of technology in the healthcare system as a way of overcoming the various challenges it faces, such as an increasingly ageing population and the need for more detailed monitoring in the treatment of patients.