25 Apr
Cinfa participa en “100 Startups Health”
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Cinfa takes part in “100 Startups Health”

The second edition of “100 Startups Health“, an innovation initiative in the field of health, was held in Madrid on 22 and 23 March. What is its purpose? To find one hundred disruptive projects that promote digital transformation and generate high-impact solutions in the sector. “100 Startups Health” was once again a meeting point to identify and establish strategic alliances between startups and large companies, with a clear focus on innovation, science and trends in health.

To this end, and through CinfaNext, Cinfa was there to learn about these initiatives, contact new actors in the innovation ecosystem and present our open innovation platform.

How did the event unfold?

A total of 250 technology-based startups (74% from Spain) applied to the open call for applications managed by Innsomnia and ICEX. The other 26% of the startups were from outside Spain, with a representation of 25 countries from all over the world, and a notable presence of countries from Europe and LATAM.

The meeting took place over two days. The first day focused on a competition between the 10 best projects presented by startups. The initiative declared the winner by vote of the jury was Legit.Health, a medical device that automatically diagnoses more than 200 skin conditions via trained neural networks. The application also helps primary care physicians to refer patients to specialists for an early diagnosis, and automatically measures the performance of treatments, thereby improving their efficacy and patient safety.

More than five hundred people attended the meeting on its second day. After introducing the founder of “100 Startups Health“, Fran Estevan, the CEO of ICEX, María Peña Mateos, and Madrid City Council’s Councillor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ángel Niño, the expert panels began.

Cinfa took part in the panel “Reverse Talks by Corporates & Accelerators“, along with other major pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis and GSK, the technology company Vodafone, the insurance company Sanitas and Santander X, Banco Santander’s programme for startups. We took the opportunity to present our open innovation platform, CinfaNext, explaining the objective it pursues, the focuses of innovation on which it is centred and the type of collaborations we are looking for.

100 Startups Health” was also an ideal opportunity for large corporations such as Cinfa to establish contact with different startups to continue generating synergies and establishing avenues for collaboration in the health sector.