10 Feb
Ecosystem Innovation

Cinfa is looking for synergies in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship with CaixaBank DayOne

Here at Cinfa, and through our open innovation platform, CinfaNext, we have established a new partnership with CaixaBank Day One, through which we will promote collaboration and co-creation in the innovation and entrepreneurship sector.

This is our strategic agreement with CaixaBank DayOne

DayOne is CaixaBank’s service that seeks to innovate in the way it relates to all the agents of the innovative ecosystem, such as start-ups, scale-ups and their investors, providing support in resolving doubts, needs and speed of development. “We are building the economy of tomorrow, thanks to courageous entrepreneurs and start-ups who are using innovation to provide solutions to unmet needs. To help them continue to grow and ensure their success, going hand in hand with large corporations is the best way to go. That is why we are especially proud to add a company like Cinfa to our partners, because we believe it will be a great support to promote new and interesting projects,” said Gemma Beltrán, Director of Technology Companies-Investors / DayOne.

For our part, Cinfa is committed to continue actively promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, reaffirming our support for the most disruptive business fabric with a focus on the healthcare sector. In the words of Julio Sánchez Mariñas, Head of Innovation at Cinfa, “from the innovative ecosystem, and in collaboration with large companies, we can respond to the multiple challenges and needs in the field of health and wellness. We are confident that, together with CaixaBank Day One, we will be able to find new partners with whom to establish synergies in new projects that add value to patients and healthcare professionals.”

Thanks to this partnership, both parties share a common goal: to promote and support open innovation in the field of health. This major goal has other associated objectives:

1. To open new avenues of exploration, support and study of innovation and entrepreneurship.

2. To foster innovation, economic development, the development of entrepreneurship, quality, efficiency, digital transformation and the exchange of experiences and good practices.

3. To identify needs in attracting innovative projects and talent, disseminate and promote innovative culture.

Similarly, Cinfa will be involved in various CaixaBank DayOne activities of interest to both parties and aimed at achieving these objectives, such as conferences, symposiums, congresses and roundtables. The first of these is our participation as a collaborating entity in the 16th edition of the CaixaBank DayOne 21st Entrepreneurship Awards, in which we will be present as a panel. 

The registration period for all innovative science and technology-based companies interested in participating closed on 15 December, with more than 1,100 projects submitted; 48% more than in the previous edition. In a few months we will find out who the award winners are at regional level and for each of the challenges. 

Find out more about CaixaBank Day One

CaixaBank DayOne is CaixaBank’s specialised banking service created to support, develop and accompany three types of companies. Firstly, technology companies, with the development of their own products and intellectual property, mainly in the fields of life sciences and hardware. Secondly, innovative companies, especially digital and software companies, with the development of a scalable business model and a global scope of action. And finally, investors, with a focus on early stage companies, mainly Business Angels, Venture Capital and Corporates.

DayOne relies on four key elements to provide its services to this innovative ecosystem:

1. The experience and sector knowledge of DayOne’s financial consultants to accompany its customers in the different stages of their business growth.

2. The creation of new financial products and services tailored to the needs of each ecosystem player.

3. The development of a global network with the main agents and stakeholders in the different innovation hubs around the world.

4. Dayonehub as a meeting point for talent and capital.